Will someone tell Maverick to put the damn Muse album out yet? What are they
waiting for, further material from Candlebox? The Muse full length Origin
of Symmetry
is easily one of the top 10 albums of the year and the trio from Devon has
released the third single from the aforementioned sophomore record. "Bliss" may lull you into
a false sense of solitude with its dreamy keyboard intro, but fear not: Matt Bellamy IS
gonna get his guitar on. The diminutive frontman, tortured by demons unseen by the naked
eye, shares his incredible voice with us on the track, paired with his Nirvana meets
Radiohead guitar bits. "Bliss" is perhaps the most straightforward song on the CD,
not effected by any of the bombast and overblown production that features on many of the
tracks. This song RULES and it is just a taste of the brilliance that is Muse in 2001.
Find it before everyone else does.