Ayo Vents Via Programming

I resumed music today at noon with this set:
Chris Cornell "Seasons" # Local H "Bound for the floor" # U2 live "Star
Spangled Banner/Bullet the blue sky" # Tricky "Evolution Revolution Love" #
Radiohead "Optimistic" # Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm" # NIN "Hurt" # Seal
"Crazy" # Cult "Revolution" # Cafe Del Mar/Bush "Letting the Cables sleep"
remix #

No imaging in between, and I just backsold it as "a special edition of the
lunch...call it musical therapy".

Lit a candle, killed the lites,told everyone to stay the fuck out, and never
took off my headphones.
I got it all out, and feel so much better now.

KDGE, Dallas.
"The real war will never get in the books" - Walt Whitman

Source: Ayo (Ayo@KDGE.com)

Ayo Vents Via Programming