Boy Troy Feels The Effects In Cape Cod

"I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by
making me hate him." -- Booker T. Washington

I'm not sure what sickens me more - the tragic event itself
or the senseless and factless political commentary who are
fueling anti-arabic hatred and are using this nightmare as
a grandstand for their political futures. As I watch on TV
for any news of survival and heroism, I must listen to and
try to stand the endless drivel spewing from the mouths of
politicians merely posturing for re-election. This tragedy
is not about patriotism and revenge, dammit - many of the
dead are foreign to this nation as well. This is about the
healing of humanity. This is about faith in that, in time
and with less pain, we WILL rebuild - we WILL re-plant.
This is about hope that we will never forget those who
suffered so that we could live on. Words of anger are not
removing the rubble from the bleeding hand. Words of hatred
are not freeing those still alive but whose time, and air,
is running out.

I never gave a damn about the World Trade Center or anybody
who walked in and out of it until yesterday. As a
Tri-State kid who grew up watching it being built, I never
gave a second thought to all that steel and concrete. To
me, it just another tall cement toothpick in a city full of
tall cement toothpicks. Two school field trips took me to
the top - big deal. Mountains go higher. Endless cab
rides took me by its entrances - never paid attention. I
never considered for a moment the people, the heritage, and
the history that passed through its belly every day of the
year. And now, today, as I hug my two-year-old son tighter
and tighter every time the list of those who died is
updated, the World Trade Center and the people who gave it
life are all I can think about. The images of life, of
death, of horror, of disbelief are forever engrained in my

I am angry, though, not because of the terrorism and
politicking, but because I cant be there to help my
brothers stay alive. I cry because New York is my people,
my neighborhood, and I want to be there so bad to help in
anyway that I can, but my circumstance will not allow for
that at the moment. God bless all of you who have given up
your lives and time to help those in greater need, who have
put aside differences and joined hands with your neighbor
to unite in a way you never thought possible. This is our
finest hour, and I will be there to help you as soon as I
am able.


Boy Troy

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Boy Troy Feels The Effects In Cape Cod