Jeff Sodikoff Asks For Industry Support

Today is the saddest day in American History. Not only has the beauty of
human life and centuries of culture been taken away from the world, but the
foundation that everyone in the New world lives by, Freedom -as well.
Living in NYC through this tragedy has absolutely changed my life and my
overall perspective on the world. My heart goes out to all the victims and
their families. Although it seems all horrific, I pray this life-haunting
disaster reminds people of how fragile life is and that this serves to bring
more unification and peace to America and throughout the world.
In regards to the music industry, I beg for a company/organization/radio
station to step up and help rebuild and provide safety and support to all
victims involved with the power of the incredible Artist Talent, Music and
their millions of fans. I am completely blown away by this tragedy. -Jeff Sodikoff

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Jeff Sodikoff Asks For Industry Support