A View From The Left Coast

100% pure insanity. That is the only way I can describe the events of the past 24+ hours
in New York City, Washington D.C., and the Pennsylvania countryside. Being in the San
Francisco area may have provided a physical barrier from the horrific events of September 11,
2001, but with the current state of digital media, we were transported the 3000 miles to the
disaster sites via CNN, YahooNews, etc.

The entire scene was just mind-numbing. As
more pictures became available, from amateur video photographers and from other media
outlets, the numbness just grew. The incredible shots of the planes crashing into the
towers, the stomach-wrenching pictures of people falling from buildings, it was all too
much to process. I watched in sheer incredulity, not wanting to believe the events were
unfolding as they were, not being ABLE to believe. It didn't seem real. This couldn't be
happening on this scale, could it? The mind briefly wandered to more selfish thoughts, as
I wondered how it would have been if this terror had occurred one day later, when I would
have already been in the City for my yearly CMJ jaunt, but those thoughts quickly
reverted to friends and loved ones in the 212 and surrounding codes. We burned up the
phone lines trying to contact as many people as possible, but very few calls went through,
due to the overloading of the phone systems. Luckily, as the day progressed, we were
able to receive updates on more and more people. For me, to the best of my knowledge,
all my friends are safe. Obviously, this will not be the case for all of us. My thoughts are
with all of you that were not as lucky as I was. And, at the sake of sounding like a
jacked-up Hallmark card, take the time today to let the people you care about know how
you feel, as you can never know what tomorrow will bring. Peace...

Source: JeremyP.Goldstein(popscene1@mindspring.com)

A View From The Left Coast