I am American, I fear NOTHING

We live under an umbrella of peace, a blanket of security. We are not made of
the same metal. We are selfish, spoiled, and surely we donít know what it
was like to live back thenÖNOW WE DO! Our lives will never be the same.
September 11th is a day that will go down in infamy. In the darkest corner
of night I will not be able to shed the images, that plane, that explosion,
the NY skyline forever changed, the Pentagon on fire, people running in
horror on the streets, my streets, streets I so desperately love. My heart
has been in my stomach for two days now. I canít eat, canít sleep,
constantly envisioning myself hanging out of a 80th floor window, in the back
of a hijacked plane, having coffee at my desk and instantly incinerated from
an act of terror. Indeed, the face of terror has taken a shape that we have
never seen before.

As I look in the mirror today, on September 13th, I see
that my face, like the face of Manhattan, has changed forever. A bit harder,
a bit calloused, and very, very, angry. Never before have I had the vision of
picking up a firearm, of defending our country. NOW I DO. And for those
thousands of brave Americans that met their fate yesterday, I will fight for
you. If that means getting on a plane tomorrow and not thinking twice, I will
do it. If that means never saying that I fear anything, what was done, what
may be done, I will do it. If a reporter on the street asks me if I fear
anything, I will answer simply, ìI am American, I fear NOTHING!î And if a
reporter asks me if this has changed America? I will simply say, "Yes,
America just got better and stronger." And if proof of my the new metal that
has been forged means that I am asked to pick up a firearm and fight for this
great nation if called upon, I will do it. America has a huge task ahead of
itself. I will be there to meet it. To give blood, or to shed it, I will
be there. These innocent people will be remembered, and a generation of
Americans JUST GREW UP. If you live in NY, please pick up a piece of paper
from the wreckage if you can. Please send it to me in Los Angeles. I want to
keep it in my wallet. I will keep it on me as a reminder, always. As a
reminder of the freedoms that have been attacked, and the freedoms we should
so desperately fight to defend. God Bless America!!!

Source: elmomason@aol.com

I am American, I fear NOTHING