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To my family, friends and co-workers.

I wanted to write this letter yesterday, but I am only just now in a place
where I can even begin to express my feelings. If this seems long-winded, I
apologize. I am writing this for myself more than anything, knowing that
many of you are sharing similar emotions.

I have been in a complete state of physical shock since I awoke on Tuesday
to see the twin towers burning. I will never forget that moment when I
first turned on the TV, the absolute surreal despair of it. Then, to watch
the towers buckle and crumble only moments later it left me in whirlwind of
total disbelief from which I have not yet recovered.

The events of Tuesday have left me feeling depressed and exceedingly numb.
For the past 2 days I have been walking around aimlessly, not knowing
exactly what to do with myself. My stomach is in knots. Every 15 minutes
or so, I feel as though I may burst into tears, yet, I am unable to really
cry. I assume this is due to the confusion that my mind is experiencing,
seeing those horrific pictures over and over again.

Each minute of the day I can only think about all of those people who
perished in this event. I can't stop playing through my mind what it must
have been like for them to be in that building, or on one of those
airplanes. I have even more profound emotions for those firefighters and
police who rushed in to help, only to perish moments later. And the
husbands and wives who received phone calls from their spouses on the
planes these are some of the saddest stories I have ever heard. If the
terrorist's goals were to create terror, they were unsuccessful in my case.
I feel only the deepest sorrow for these people and their families. This
far outweighs any sense of fear I may have.

I am indeed somewhat fearful of what happens next. I feel as though we have
turned a major corner and are speeding into unknown territory. I pray that
the actions of this government are cool and measured. Our next course of
action could help build a greater sense of peace and unification in the
world, or something much more destructive.

These events truly give person pause to reflect on their own life. I know I
have spent the last 48 hours thinking about my life experiences and where is
everything is going. These are personal insights and I won't burden you
with the details. One thing, however, has become very clear to me. I am
surrounded by some truly remarkable people whom I love dearly! I want to
let all of you know how much I appreciate having you in my life. From my
amazing wife Patty, my family, my co-workers and friends to all of the Om
artists and associates I am blessed! It is a shame that it takes disaster
such as this to bring a person to reflect on this. I guess people need a
good shock now and then to wake up and appreciate how good they really have

One final comment I would like to make before I wrap up this rant God Bless
America!!! I am not normally an ultra patriotic person, but this country of
ours deserves the utmost respect. We may not be perfect, and we may
sometimes do questionable things, but we also do a tremendous amount of good
in the world. Throughout this country's history we have helped many nations
and peoples in their time of need. There are not many places in the world
where so many cultures, races and religions exist in relative harmony and

With Love,

Christopher Smith


Christopher Smith

President, Om Records

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OM Records Spins Their Story