Reaching Out To Friends That Survived The Terror

"Steve, you have to call me I am very worried." That was the message I
left about 10 times on Tuesday morning.

My closest friend in the world, Steve, survived being on the 74th floor
of World Trade Center Building #1 when the plane hit. I am fortunate,
because I was only waiting for about 3 hours to hear from him, although it may
have been the longest 3 hours I've experienced so far in my short life.
I can not imagine what it is like for the people who are still waiting
to hear from friends, loved ones, co-workers and family members. I think
about this thought a lot and when I do my body tenses up and starts to
mimic the feelings I had at 9 AM on Tuesday. My thoughts of support go
out to anyone still waiting.

Steve's life will never be the same again and in fact no one's life will
ever be the same. For the people that survived the haunting images will
be with them forever. The images of dark hallways, smoke filled
stairwells and pieces of one of the world's tallest buildings raining
down on them like a scene out of Armageddon will fill their thoughts and
dreams for the rest of their life. Entering an office building or
flying a plane will be a different experience from this point on. For
those people with loved ones who perished, the images of them being
crushed or burned to death will run through their heads for years.
Questions like, "What were their last thoughts?" "Did they suffer?" and
more will terrorize them whenever they see the video of what happened.
There is no way to deal with the emotions people are feeling and even
worse is that there are no answers. No answers, no proper responses,

When talk leans towards, "What needs to happen is " "Well, I think we
should..." I shut down. I don't care what happens right now, I only care
that the person I know is okay. Go ahead and call me selfish, I'll
agree with you.

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Reaching Out To Friends That Survived The Terror