Stranded In Egypt

I am currently stranded in Egypt with no way of
returning until this situation is under control. The
reason for this email to all of you is because I've
been following the nightmare on CNN, CNNC and BBC and
can tell you that 99.99999% of the Egyptian people
feel the same way we all do about this horrible act.

I was distressed when I saw the video of young
Palestinian children, along with a few adults,
celebrating the attack on the US. I can only say that
this kind of video journalism from what people have
told me here from previous first-hand knowledge is
staged and not indicative of the feeling of sorrow the
people of this region feel for what has happened.

In an effort to sensationalize this act, video
journalists here are trying to prod, and prompt people
by paying them what amounts to $2.25 (10 Egyptian
pounds) each to parade and scream as if they were happy
to see this happen. Please explain to your friends
what you may see on the news may NOT BE THE TRUTH!

Everyone here is also asking who. They fear they will
be grouped along with extremists who have been
brainwashed to give their life for a cause. Everyone
here knows why this is happening and fear it will lead
to the systematic destruction of each part of the world.

Feelings here point to the Palestinian-Isreali
conflict. They believe the lack of firmness from the
USA to make the Palestinians and Isrealis conform to
the agreements signed this past year is the reason.
They also believe that the US is the only country in
the world Isreal is willing to listen to and respect.

In my opinion, we as Americans have been pulled into
something which requires more than a "look the other
way" policy. Not only must we bring whoever is
responsible and still alive to justice, but we must
persuade our government to pressure both parties to
resolve this issue NOW! We must adopt a "firmness
'til resolution" policy otherwise we will have to
learn to live with terrorism. What next, The Irish,
The German Neo-Nazis, the Africans seeking money from
the British for 300 years of occupation? We either
have to reposition the country as a non-super-power or
deal with each issue outside the US before it comes in.

Another prophecy of Nostrodamus has come true when the
"twin towers" fell. We must all unite now and emplore
our leaders to find resolution to all injustices
around the world. FUCK VENGEANCE! I want to live a
happy and fulfilling life with my family and friends.
I think you do to.

I urge all of you to look at people, not by their skin
color, religion, height and weight, or wallet, but by
their hearts. The enemy comes in many shapes, looks
and sizes. I fear for my family and friends and
relatives and I believe this is a fight between the
good and the evil.

Please explain to your friends and family that one
cannot condemn a whole people for the actions of a
few. Please forward this email to whoever you wish.
If you know someone in the media, please ask them to
stop staging demonstrations--It's counterproductive to

Thank you,
Ehab Elsaadi in Egypt

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Stranded In Egypt