When Will This Movie End?

I could see the flames and large holes in each of the buildings with my own eyes as I stood on 23rd and 5th right after I got off th e#6 train downtown on Tuesday morning.

I had first heard something as I left my building that morning and I heard a woman in her apartment screaming "a plane crashed into the World Trade CenterÖturn on the TV.." I thought, wow, how horrible ñ maybe the pilot poorly missed judged how low he had the plane. I thought, I better tell my wife ñ but I would call her from the street. From the street ñ my cell phone would not work ñ at all. Could the crash be related? I knew there were a bunch of signals on top of the tower, maybe they were knocked out as a result of this. On my way down on the #6 train ñ at EVERY stop ñ when the doors opened, you could hear police and emergency sirens ñ at EVERY stop! ñ I knew something was terribly wrong ñ but I had no idea 'til I got to that spot on 23rd and 5th and watched the crowd looking in horror southbound at this massive disaster.

I can only describe it as looking incredibly fake, something right out of a movie. These 2 larger than life structures, these invincible towers, these monsters of steel had 2 holes in them that were the size of half the buildings in my neighborhood ñ with flames and smoke shooting everywhere.

At our office, from the 9th floor on 23rd and 6th, we saw it even better. I was shaking. Then we got word of the Pentagon being hit ñ I called my wife almost crying and got the hell out of our office. We walked a little then got a cab midway and made it home. By the time I hit my building, BOTH towers had fallen.

Words cannot describe the battle zone that exists in this great city. Images that we normally see a million miles away, now blocks away. Devastation is in everyoneís hearts here. The numbers of missing, presumed dead, is simply heartbreaking. Friends of friends ñ still missing. The images of the helpless people jumping from the Towers is indescribable. The images of the jets being purposely flown into the buildings is the darkest of the dark things I ever want to see.

What do you talk about first? Airport security, retaliation, non-retaliation, America, the dead, the missing, the relief effort, the tears, the debris, the smell that reached up to our apartment last night on 79th street as the wind blew north?

I can only agree with the Mayor who said we should all try and carry on as usual ñ go out, go to the park, go to a store, go out to eatÖ.take your mind off this for a sec ñ DO NOT sit glued on front of the TV ñ this will not help!!!!! Half the stuff being reported is not true, and the aftermath false bomb scares are making this more horrible ñ I went to the park yesterday with my wife and son and YES, this helped. Please, try and stay focused as we are ALL in this horrible daze. We need to get thru this.

I counted at least 15 to 20 American flags on hotels, trucks and being held by people today as I rode the bus down Fifth Ave to work.

We have lost part of this great city ñ and lost thousands of lives. Where do we go from here?

We stay together ñ get thru it together ñ donít look for answers or try to talk logic with these illogical attacks. Remain together and focused.

I looked downtown from the 9th floor this morning, where I would usually see 2 of the largest buildings in this city, and saw nothing.

Source: Drew Goldberg(drew@thefader.com)

When Will This Movie End?