A Chance At Innocence

The one thing that I am getting tired hearing about is this notion of Americans killing innocent people in this attempt to get Bin Laden and his accomplices. Here are the simple facts. If you support the Taliban, and Bin Laden, and other terrorist groups then take this time now. This precious time to think about overthrowing your own government. To plead with your own Taliban Officials to give up Bin Laden and repent for what has been done, to the Twin Towers, to the Pentagon, to the Cole, and for all other acts of terrorism the world has known. You know the planes are coming. You know the troops are coming. If this is a holy war, then it is one that you started. And shame on you for supporting it. And if holy is to kill, not just Americans but people of all the nations of the world, even your own people, then I say that you are the most unholy people on Earth. And to support that kind of regime, and back it....you are cruel, unholy, and my friends, you have just lost your innoncence.

You have a chance. Act now. Show your own disgust in the regime that you have given your faith to. Regain your innocence, but don't come crying to us later.


Source: Neil Elman/Cinetel Films(elmomason@aol.com)

A Chance At Innocence