Tom McRae

Singer/songwriters are definitely a mixed bag. Fitting under that header is a wide array of
music of varied worth. However, there are definitely fine artists in this genre and one of them
is Tom McRae. The singer from London-via-Suffolk recently released his debut
self-titled album to limited fanfare in the States. Allow me to be the first to sound the horn.
This is a fantastic album. From the stripped-down opener "You Cut Her Hair," about the
dehumanizing of concentration camp victims, to the hooky "End of the World News" to the
album's most outstanding track, the simply gorgeous "Hidden Camera Show," this excellent
debut is filled with songs galore, many sparse in their arrangement, but overflowing with
vitriol. McRae is full of anger, and while his arrangements are low key and beautiful,
primarily consisting of an acoustic guitar and sometimes paired with a cello, piano or
percussion, he is not scared to spit his venom, veiled behind his beautiful songs. Hassle the
lovely Shannah Miller and the equally tasty (ahem) Jeff Sodikoff for a
copy of this vastly underrated record.

Tom McRae

Tom McRae