14 Hours of Music, Grass, and Pornstars

Cypress Hillís annual Smoke Out festival has just landed itself a new sponsor. The tour, which will hit the road for the first time this year, is a celebration of hip-hop, rock, electronica, weed, and the newly added, Sex. Jill Kelly Productions, founded by the sexy porn starlet herself, will be the official adult sponsor of the short tour. Jill Kelly and some of her girlfriends and fellow co-stars will be on hand for the festivities doing meet and greets, giveaways, and introducing bands on stage. Who would have thought that porn stars and musicians could get along so well?

The Smoke Out has an all-star lineup to accompany the porn princesses. Appearing on multiple stages will be such acts as Cypress Hill (obviously), Deftones, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man, Erick Sermon & Keith Murray, Suicidal Tendencies, Fear Factory, Afroman (surprise), Long Beach Dub Allstars, Pennywise, Guttermouth, Kottonmouth Kings, NOFX, Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak, Z-Trip, DJ Swamp, and Korn's C-minus. While these acts are sure kick out the jams, experts say sadly that up to 90% of the audience will have no recollection what so ever of the festival due to extreme short-term memory loss. Promoters have also called for a 500 yard barrier surrounding the exterior perimeter of the three shows in order to prevent innocent bystanders from catching the ever-dangerous contact buzz.

The Smoke Out tour, which had more than 60,000 visitors last year, was originally supposed to visit New Jersey but someone got High.

Revised Dates:

October 6th ñ Devore, CA @ the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion

October 13th ñ Oakland, CA @ the Oakland Coliseum

October 21st ñ Honolulu, HI @ the Kualoa Ranch

Source: BSG PR brian@bsgpr.com

14 Hours of Music, Grass, and Pornstars