James Woods Aids FBI in Terrorist Investigation

Expert Hollywood bad guy, James Woods, is playing a model citizen in real life. The star tipped off the FBI as to his encounter with four suspicious airline passengers a month before last Tuesdayís attack on America. On a flight from Boston to Los Angeles, Woods noticed four men of apparent Middle Eastern origin acting extremely suspicious. The men made him so uncomfortable that he reported them to the flight attendants and authorities on the ground in LA. Woods reported that none of the men had anything to eat or drink, nor did they read, sleep, or appear to make themselves comfortable. The men sat erect in their seats and stared straight ahead, speaking to no one for the duration of the flight. Mind you a cross-country flight lasts more than five hours.

The day after the attack, Woods contacted the FBI to report the experience, feeling that his flight was a dry run for the terrorists. Federal agents visited the Oscar-nominated actor at his home the following day to interview him in detail.

Woods has declined to speak publicly about his experience adding, "I think it prudent not to comment on this and let the FBI continue do their job Ö."

Source: Mr. Showbiz

James Woods Aids FBI in Terrorist Investigation