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Which Doobie You Be?

Blunted heads are still trying to figure out which award they actually won Tuesday night, when the 2nd Annual High Times Doobie Award winners were announced. The ceremony (or fog out) was scheduled to light up September 12, but was cancelled due to the attacks in New York and Washington. Hemp activists Black Crowes rolled up the Band of the Year award, Wu-Tang Clan accepted the Best Hip Hop Album joint, Monster Magnet were awarded the Best Rock Album prize, and of course the Pot Song of the Year went to Afroman's "Because I Got High." The Crystal Method were also awarded the Best Dance Album for their sophomore effort Tweekend, but unfortunately they showed up to an abandoned New Jersey warehouse expecting to inhale the Mighty Methamphetamine awards, which are still being mixed require at least 3 hours of baking before ready.

Source: All Star

Which Doobie You Be?