NY Citizens Want Giuliani For One More Year

Dear Governor Pataki, Speaker Silver & Majority Leader Bruno -

As people who love the City of New York, regardless of political affiliation, we have a crucial request: We urge you to take the necessary steps to allow a city-wide referendum asking the voters of The City of New York to decide whether to postpone the mayoral election for one year, enabling Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to continue as Mayor until December 31, 2002.

This is a time of unprecedented tragedy. Continuity and experience are crucial and no one understands the workings of this great city, its services and its government better than Mayor Giuliani. it would be a grave error to allow a new mayor to take over at this time, no matter what his political party or level of dedication.. We cannot afford a misstep. We cannot afford a learning curve.

This will be the most difficult year our city has ever faced, both physically and emotionally. We need you and the Mayor to sustain and support the ongoing process of rebuilding by continuing the extraordinary leadership you've provided.


Saatchi & Saatchi

If you agree with the sentiment expressed above, please email Governor Pataki at gov.pataki@chamber.state.ny.us, Speaker Sheldon Silver at speaker@assembly.state.ny.us and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno at bruno@senate.state.ny.us

Source: NY Daily News

NY Citizens Want Giuliani For One More Year