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What Has Radio Come To?

It's extremely interesting to see how non phased certain parts of our industry are by these events. There a numerous stories of people checking their BDS and asking programmers about their rotations the day after the tragedies. It seems that the fine programming and promotion staff down in Nashville are oblivious to their Country's current events. Most of our courageous nation is praying for the victims of the families, donating blood or money, or attempting to overcome this horrendous tragedy. Others, like radio station WZPC "The Buzz" are selfishly asking record labels who did not provide an artist for the station's Buzzfest II to purchase 100 lawn or 75 reserved tickets, to make up for their loss. This request was sent to nearly every Major and Independent record label on the face of the Earth and we can't imagine what exactly is in the water down there in Tennessee. Is this station kidding? Do they not realize the aftermath of this senseless act, and that 80% of recording artists are now refusing to fly, let alone perform. Sorry to hear that your show was a bust WZPC, but our nation is
about to begin World War 3, and your problems are nowhere near as important.

Per Brian's (Krysz) request, WZPC would appreciate any labels who did not provide an artist for Buzzfest II to purchase 100 lawn or 75 reserved tickets. This can be done with no service charge through Patrick McDill at SFX at 615.346.9000.

Niki Tyree.
Promotions Director.
WZPC The Buzz.
WQZQ The Party.

1824 Murfreesboro Rd.
Nashville, TN 37217

Phone: 615-399-1029
Fax: 615-399-1023
Pager: 615-702-1728


What Has Radio Come To?