Let It Come Down

If you like beaucoup drug references, pseudo-spiritual lyrics, and amazing fucking music, you'll love the new Spiritualized record, Let It Come Down (Arista). Mastermind Jason Pierce pared down the group (read: fired everyone) after 1997's critically acclaimed Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space,but has stuck with the druggy, dreamy orchestral drone-rock that has become his signature (and oft imitated) sound. This 4th studio release finds Pierce joined by a hundred or so back-up
musicians and instruments, as well as the new five-man band line-up ... a lesser musician could easily have gotten lost under all the layers and production, but Pierce pulls it off - most notably on the tracks, "Don't Just Do Something," "The Straight And Narrow," and "Stop Your Crying." It is the come down - a lovely, lonely opus of a record ... world weary but optimistic, massive but somehow sparse. Every bit what we've learned to expect from Spiritualized.


Let It Come Down