Live - Cousteau in Sweaty San Francisco

Hyper-suave London groove quintet Cousteau sauntered into San Francisco last
night, although with the weather, you'd have thought it was New York City. With
temperatures still in the 80s when the band hit the stage, the vibe was strange for an SF show,
to say the least. The besuited Burt Bacharach meets The Tindersticks meets
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-sounding hipsters did their best in the heat, though,
working through tracks from their debut album, even though they "had to flesh (the concert)
out a bit, as we've been told Americans like more bang for their buck. In Europe, we only
play for 30 minutes!" They played a number of tracks from the aforementioned debut, with
stand outs being "Wish You Were Her," "Your Day Will Come," "Jump In The River," and
their biggest UK song, "The Last Good Day of the Year." A good handful of new tracks were
unleashed on the crowd, each met with sufficient crowd enthusiasm, but I think the climate
was having its effect. Cousteau is meant to be heard in a swank jazz club, where true
crooners, as frontman Liam McKahey should be rightly described, ply their art, and
the vibe is cool, not 80 degrees plus at 10:30 PM...

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Cousteau in Sweaty San Francisco