Albarn-Gallagher War of Words Back In Mix

At one point, it was the most famous war of words in England and it looks like it may have
been reignited. Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher last week popped off about
Damon Albarn and his new Gorillaz outfit. After years of slagging
Albarn and his primary band, Blur, Gallagher made disparaging
comments last week about Gorillaz. "What's that nonsense that's on the radio? It's
like three-year-olds' music." Albarn fired back this week by stating, "that Manc
knuckle-dragger thinks we're music for 3-year olds? Sounds like we're perfect for him!"
Actually, Albarn decided not to enter the verbal fray, but wouldn't it have been cool if
he had? About the only quote he had of interest was that "it's got Liam upset again
so it must be doing well." It was WAY cooler they way I had it...


Albarn-Gallagher War of Words Back In Mix