Elastica Lose Their Shape

In news that shocked the entire music world, or, perhaps, only shocked those with their heads
in the sand for a year, one time UK critical faves Elastica have parted ways.
Frontwoman Justine Frischmann, who may have been better known for being
paramour to both Brett Anderson of Suede and Blur's Damon
Albarn than for her own band, has decided to move the band to past tense status.
Elastica sold over 400,000 copies of their self-titled debut, with radio play for
"Connection," but their follow-up 5 years later, written with a different band line-up, barely
sold 10% of that figure. Frischmann seems ready to set off on a solo career, after a
UK-only release of a final Elastica work, a John Peel Session CD, recorded
throughout the band's existence.

Source: Radio Undercover

Elastica Lose Their Shape