Weezer Tell Europe - "We're Staying Home"

Weezer are scared shitless of losing their geek rock glasses and sweaters by leaving these United States for their scheduled European tour, so the Green Album makers have decided to prevent that injustice by canceling the whole enchilada. The month long trek was supposed to kick off October 9 in Denmark, and was officially cancelled via the following post taken from the band's site.
"For Weezer, the rest of 2001 will
be spent in the USA," states a post
on the band's official Web site on
Monday (Oct. 1). "While the recent
tragic events have indeed played a
part in the fate of this tour by
making world travel and airfreight
more expensive, difficult, and (as many have warned) more risky, it
is not those events that have led to this decision. Weezer was and
remains fully committed to going over and doing these shows and
not letting the heightened state of alert dampen anyone's touring

Source: All Star

Weezer Tell Europe - "We're Staying Home"