Bjork Bares All In New Video, American Censors Sharpen Scissors

Icelandic chanteuse, Bj?rk, in an apparent attempt to prevent making People Magazineís Worst Dressed list for the 5th straight year, has decided to denounce clothing altogether and appear "in the buff" in her new video, the second from Vespertine. The video, for the song "Pagan Poetry," is directed by renowned British photographer Nick Knight and explores the nature of carnal pleasure and intimate pain. Or, for those of you who are only still reading this because you read "in the buff" - SEX.

A dazzling array of computer manipulations, amateur-style camerawork, and glam camera reveal Bj?rk with her beautifully proportioned, silky smooth, awe-inspiringÖ um, I mean artistically presented breasts. Throughout the short film, animations and negative space suggest (very clearly) two people engaged in a variety of activities that would surprise even Bill Clinton.

The Video has seen some rotation in Europe, where it is being treated to censor bars and editing. The full, uncut version will be released on DVD just after the double-singleís UK release on November 5th. However, for those of you who canít wait that long, and no oneís pointing any fingers from this end, a downloadable version of the video is currently available at


Bjork Bares All In New Video, American Censors Sharpen Scissors