Live - Basement Vanilli In San Francisco

The last time there was a Basement Jaxx review around these parts, there was the
general yapping of Jason "No Juice" Anfinsen, whining about how he didn't get into
the show and what it sounded and felt like being on the outside looking in, yada yada yada.
Well, I DID get in, but I might have been better off if I hadn't. I mean, the dot matrix
bit-mapped graphic grid behind Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Bunton were cool,
and "Where's Your Head At," "Rendez-Vu," and "Fly Life" were all 100% off the hook, but
WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH THE LIP SYNCHING? I thought that shit went out
with Milli Vanilli. They rocked it during "Where's Your Head At," dropped it in
during the next female-fronted song, and threw it about all night like it was legal. Listen,
kids: when you stop acting like you're singing, and the vocal track continues (like when the
female lead vocal left the stage!) we've got problems. So, if you're headed out to see the
Jaxx sometime soon, and you're planning on being relatively sober (it was a school
night, after all), caveat emptor.

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Basement Vanilli In San Francisco