Resfest 2001 - Electronic / Hip-Hop Music Meets Film

2001 marks the 5th anniversary of RESFEST and, to celebrate, the annual touring film festival has expanded to include five distinct shorts programs, plus additional new programming. RESFEST, which kicks-off in San Francisco on Thursday, September 6, 2001, is an annual traveling celebration of innovative digital entertainment that showcases the yearís best short films, feature films, music videos and animation in a multi-media environment. Orbital, Gorillaz, Fatboy Slim, Premier and Clinic will all be featured. RESFEST's New York stop is next week October 11-14, and the kids in LA can witness on October 25-28.

"For the last 5 years RESFEST has championed the digital filmmaking movement. Now that it has broken through to the mainstream, weíve focused on what made us unique to begin with: innovative filmmaking," says festival director, Jonathan Wells. "Because of this yearís unprecedented 1,500 entries, weíve been able to expand our programming to showcase quality films with great storytelling in all formats: be it DV, 35mm or Anime."

The program for RESFEST 2001 is as follows (visit for updates):

RESFEST FEATURES: Doug Prayís exhilarating film, "SCRATCH," traces the exciting creation of turntablism through interviews and performances by the DJs that gave birth to this hip-hop movement and who continue to reinvent the format. A few of the charismatic figures featured include Q-Bert, DJ Shadow, MixMaster Mike, Cut Chemist, among a host of others. Elvis Mitchell of The New York Times called the film "Vibrant...hilarious and compelling... "SCRATCH" premiered at this yearís Sundance Film Festival.

Japanís first fully-digital-animated-feature film, Manga Entertainmentís "BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE" was created by acclaimed anime genius Mamoru Oshii, known for the all-time classic "Ghost in the Shell." This fast-paced, frightening tale of a young vampire slayer is composed of images that are extraordinarily lifelike. Film director James Cameron said of "BLOOD;" "The world will come to consider this work as the standard of top quality in digital animation."

OPENERS 01: THE STATE OF THE ART OF FILM TITLES: New to RESFEST this year is OPENERS 01, a celebration of the best title sequences of 2000 and 2001. As the first event devoted to contemporary titles and their creators, OPENERS 01 showcases international achievements in concept, editing, typography, sound design and technical innovation. Produced and curated by David Peters, Ken Coupland and Dav Rauch of DesignFilms, San Francisco.


This dynamic collection of shorts explores going to heaven, falling to earth or visiting otherworldly states in between. Program includes new work from RESFEST alums Rodney Ascher, Run Wrake, Bryan Boyce and Mark Osborne, as well as Virgil Widrichís award-winning "Copy Shop" and the world premiere of Ajay Sahgalís "Itís a Shame About Ray."

SHORTS II: HUMAN NATURE Friendship, loss and love are explored in this riveting program of story-driven shorts in which people discover unique relationships, some close - with the neighborhood gardener, for example - and others stretched across remote regions. Program includes new work from RESFEST alum Joan Raspo, as well as Ari Goldís Student Oscar-winning "Helicopter" and David Kartchís farcical "Zen and the Art of Landscaping."

Strange neighbors, deception and unruly animals pervade this series of intelligent shorts laced with dark humor. Highlights include Dan Loflinís "Delusions in Modern Primitivism" and the U.S. premieres of Toby Dyeís "I Hate My Neighbor and I Want Him to Die" and Suzie Templetonís beautifully animated "Dog."

Cross graphic design with filmmaking and, if youíre lucky, the result will resemble the stunning shorts in this program, which includes new work from Johnny Hardstaff, Trollb?ck & Company and Richard Fenwick, as well as the collaborative Infinity Project produced by Belief.

SHORTS V: DIRECTORíS CLUB The members in this select group of music video directors have developed highly personal styles evident across innumerable videos, commercials and forthcoming feature films. With this program, RESFEST offers viewers a chance to see rarely screened short films by artists such as Michel Gondry, Floria Sigismondi, Tomato and Mike Mills.

Making a return appearance is our perennial sell-out program of innovative music videos, CINEMA ELECTRONICA. Among the featured artists are Gorillaz, Orbital, Amon Tobin and Radiohead, plus Tractorís video for Fatboy Slimís "Ya Mama," screened here for the first time in the U.S.

RESFEST has been praised as "the most accessible venue for new digital works" (Surface) and for playing a key role in "raising the profiles of hot new directors" (Variety). RESFEST attracts a unique audience of filmmakers, designers, new media professionals and music producers to what has become a must-see event for anyone interested in the latest trends that are shaping the entertainment industry. The 2001 Festival travels to: San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, London, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Bristol, Cape Town, Tokyo, Osaka, Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Also debuting this year is the premiere volume of RESFEST shorts on DVD: "The Best of RESFEST: Volume 1." This stellar collection of 16 hand-picked short films from the archives of RESFEST includes 2000 Audience Choice Award-winner, Tongues & Taxis, by Michael Overbeck; Tommy Pallotta and Bob Sabistonís Snack & Drink; and Mike Millsí Deformer, a portrait of legendary skateboarder and artist, Ed Templeton. Available exclusively at RESFEST until its retail launch next year, "The Best of RESFEST: Volume 1" also features directorís commentaries and production details.

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Resfest 2001 - Electronic / Hip-Hop Music Meets Film