Mike D Gives Thanks

Hi everyone. As you've likely heard, despite being inches away from the 10 year and GR100 mark, Grand Royal is closing its doors. Not just GrandRoyal.com, but the record label, magazine, clothing, etc. It's a rough business world out there these days, and we can't continue to operate at a heavy financial loss.

We wanted to send a final mail and say, "Thank you to our friends, staff, interns, bands, supporters, fans, contributors, online peoples, etc -- everyone who has put a little bit of themselves into the Grand Royal world over the years. Hopefully we did more good than bad and gave people enjoyment, amusement, fun, and some stuff to think about along the way. We never knew or even really thought about what Grand Royal could and would become when we started it, we just did it. And we certainly had no idea how it would end. Hopefully others will embark on missions of their own in the future or as of now with that same unknowing spirit and will fill whatever void may be created in our absence. Thanks again everyone." - Mike D

Now you may have a tear in your eye as I do, but there's a silver lining to this cloud for Grand Royal fans... The label is having a fire sale in the online store , trying to liquidate the rest of our stock. Beastie Boys vinyl box sets for less than $100, Mullet Ts 20% off, Jimmy Eat World vinyl less than $10, At Home With The Groovebox CDs and vinyl less than $10 and ALL OTHER GRAND ROYAL MUSIC is PRICED TO SELL including tons of music for less than five bucks!

It's worth noting that the money from the sales of these last items from the online store do not go into their pockets, it goes towards paying the bills that they owe as the label closes its doors. It's a "make good" effort, not a "get rich" one, if you knowhatimean.

For those who are curious, GrandRoyal.com is going to become a new and improved BeastieBoys.com over the next few weeks. The message boards have already made the transition. GrandRoyal.com will be archived as part of the Beastie Boys site.

Source: Grand Royal

Mike D Gives Thanks