Live: Oasis Celebrate Ten Year Anniversary At Sheperds Bush Empire, London

There isn't a band with a larger target on their back than Oasis. Of
course, the target and the resulting criticism are self inflicted,
because that is what happens when you proclaim yourself, the best band
in the world publicly.

They've heard it all; Beatles wannabes, heard that song before, liked
it when Lennon wrote it, you guys are over, etc. Yes, things
haven't been great for Liam and Noel over the past five years, but they
still can fill the seats and belt out the best rock and roll anthems of
the last ten years.

Sunday night at Sheperds Bush Empire in London Oasis celebrated their
10th anniversary with 1,800 of their most die-hard fans, myself
included. Considering the fact that the last time the band appeared
live in England was at two sold out shows at Wembley Stadium with a
capacity of 70,000 you knew this night was going to be special.
Dressed in typical Oasis attire, Liam and Noel took the stage and led
the crowd through a 2+ hour set of all of the classic Oasis songs, some
rare ones and even two new tunes. The band was in rare form, and for
the first time I think they were so overwhelmed that they didn't have
much to say at all, and that is A LOT to say if you know what I mean.
Liam barely addressed the crowd at all and Noel only said thanks and
introduced Mod legend, Paul Weller who guested on "Champagne

It truly was an amazing night, and at times you couldn't even hear the
band over the noise of the crowd singing along to every word.
Favorites like "Live Forever," "Don't Look Back In Anger," "Cigarettes
& Alcohol," and "Supersonic" were greeted with the same enthusiasm the
band saw back in 1996.

In a time where the alternative format has NO rock stars, Noel & Liam
are still shining bright with their "fuck you, we don't care"
attitudes, even though no one seems to care. Ask me and I will tell
you that the reason alternative music isn't as popular as it once was
is because all of the true rock stars are in hip-hop. Eminem, Jay-Z
and P. Diddy are the year 2000 version of Noel, Liam, Tommy Lee, Robert
Plant, Jimmy Page and others of times past. Scandal, jail time and good quotes make
the papers and we are not going to get any of those from Rivers Cuomo,
Jason from Lifehouse or anyone in P.O.D. or Nickelback. Get on your
hands and knees and pray for more bands like Oasis to come along.
Bands that can energize an entire nation and culture and make them
believe that their life can be better.

The best thing about Oasis, compared to bands like Staind, Linkin Park
and others of the same ilk, is that instead of singing about how bad
things can be or were, they instead sing about how great things WILL
and can be.
Patrick Schmidt, Y100

Complete set list

'Fuckin' In The Bushes'

'Go Let It Out'


'Morning Glory'



'Fade Away'

'The Hindu Times' - New song

'Half The World Away'

'One Way Road' - New song

'The Masterplan'

'Gas Panic!'

'Cigarettes & Alcohol'

'Live Forever'

'Hung In A Bad Place'

'Slide Away'

'She's Electric'

'Champagne Supernova' featuring Paul Weller

'Rock N' Roll Star'

'Don't Look Back In Anger'

'I Am The Walrus'

'Roll With It'

Source: Patrick Schmidt

Live: Oasis Celebrate Ten Year Anniversary At Sheperds Bush Empire, London