Live - The Faint Bring It In San Francisco

God damn, was that a good show. Omaha's brightest shining stars The Faint
brought the house down in San Francisco last Friday night. Playing two shows over the
course of one night, the quintet received support on both shows from Athens' Now It's
Overhead, a basically generic indie four-piece, one of hundreds nationwide sounding like
Built To Spill. The evening show also featured support from Lookout Records'
buzz-worthy Pattern. Featuring dirty Detroit guitar hooks and swagger and groove
aplenty, these kids are ones to watch for, especially as they jet over to England to take part in
a new NME package tour. The stars of the evening, however, were definitely The
Faint, with their punked out-Depeche Mode onslaught. Visually, they are 1983
all over again and their music picks up bits of that, but live, they are much more. They mixed
tracks from this year's brilliant Danse Macabre with earlier material from
Blank-Wave Arcade with much success, especially on newbies "Glass Danse" and
"Agenda Suicide." The energy of the show was magnificent and the boys in mascara were
fawned over by many emo-looking groupies, as the femme fatales invaded the stage to dance
around their idols. The crowd seemed to be awed by the entire event and not just those of us
in the back who had one eye on the TV watching Barry Bonds hit 71 and 72. This
here just may be the future of rock and roll and I'd suggest taking whatever steps are
necessary to ensure you aren't left behind...

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - The Faint Bring It In San Francisco