Live:The Donnas Turn 21 and Turn It Out at Irving Plaza 10/8/01

We know what weíve all been through since 9/11/01. We also know how
is that we go on living our lives and try to not let the fear overcome the
joy and the positive things that make each day exciting. Closer to home, in
NYC ñ that means, according to Mayor Giuliani, that we go out, go to the
theatre, go to restaurants and most importantly ñ see a rock 'n' roll show.

I needed a good dose of live rock 'n' roll ñ and I got an overdose by The
Donnas at Irving Plaza on Monday night.

The room was packed. The American flags were everywhere, including a little
one on Donna Cís drum kit. The lights went down and "Video Killed The Radio
Star" came across the PA. Donna C led the charge as she sprinted out to her
kit like she had just finished running a marathon. Soon, the rest of the
team followed behind, Donna R (Allyson) lead guitar, Donna A (Brett) lead
vocals and Donna F (Maya) on bass.

The thunder came crashing through the room as they ripped into track 1 off
the new record, "Are You Gonna Move It For Me." The girls rocked and never
stopped. They did not stop moving and jumping around for the entire evening,
and that goes for all of them. Donna A looked great in a red tank top and
jeans while Donna R continued the retro look with a stripped tube top one
piece skirt and her green converse. They continued rocking with gems from
Skintight LP including "Hyperactive" and "Doiní Donuts." My favorite song
from the new album, "You Gotta Crush on Me" began with Donna A dedicating it
to all the guys in the house !! That tune rocks and is one of the rare rock
roll tunes today that actually begins on a lyric.

More classics tunes followed including the fan favorite "Checkin It Out,"
tracks, "Midnight Snack" and "Play My Game" and one off their debut LP
called "Rock 'n' Roll Boy." The girls worked hard through the entire show and
the audience responded to every move. We were all sweating by the 5th song
and as Donna A said, we were rocking it for a Monday night. We were kicking
ass for any night. The band loved it !!!

The girls paused briefly to dedicate a song to all those that suffered and
all the heroes that have come together since the tragedy on 9/11/01. We took
a moment to reflect.

For the encore, the Donnas began with the title track off last yearís LP,
Skintight and continued into the first single off of The Donnas Turn 21, "40
Boys in 40 Nights," which got the crowd into a mini mosh ñ it wasnít quite a
mosh ñ but it really almost was and I give these girls my utmost respect for
that. They rock and they were sweating. The gig closed with their infamous
cover of Judas Priestís "Living After Midnight" which is also on their
LP and it really capped off a great evening of rock 'n' roll that we all
needed..that the city needed and that the country needed. We must go on !!!!

The next day, the band did a rare in-store here in NYC at Virgin /Union
Square. We talked and I thanked them for an evening of rock that was
Donna R signed a photo of her and I taken last year at the Westbeth during
CMJ ñ as she said I looked familiar. They all signed my 7" of "Get Out of
Room" on white wax. They told me how much they dig it here in NY and always
ask to stay a little longer when ever they play a gig here.

Girls ñ you are welcome whenever you want !!!!! NY thanks you for a fun
evening !!!!

Source: Drew Goldberg

Live:The Donnas Turn 21 and Turn It Out at Irving Plaza 10/8/01