Under A Sun

The small town of Wigan in the north of the UK is slowly making a very large name for itself
in the music industry. First, the city spawned The Verve and most recently, new
media sweethearts Starsailor. However, in between those two bands, came the
wonder that is Witness. The five piece, that was once best known as being "best
mates of The Verve's Nick McCabe," who was initially credited as
discovering them, issued a fairly decent debut effort in 1999, to a bit of fanfare in their native
country, but to almost deafening silence in this country. Unfortunately, their new record,
Under A Sun, is meeting that same sort of response in the US, and that is a damn
shame, as this is a wonderful album. Vocalist Gerard Starkie has an amazing voice,
one that goes from Michael Stipe territory to land inhabited by James Taylor
to brand new destinations. The music has just a shake of an alt-country vibe to it, but please,
don't that that scare you off. "You Are All My Own Invention" is one of the finest songs
you'll hear all year, but the album doesn't really have a dead track on it. Sometimes, records
get released and hover underneath the radar. Do what you can to get this to show up on the


Under A Sun