Liam Records A New Solo Album ñ Oasis May Be Just An Illusion

Legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr claims to have helped record an ìentire recordî of new Liam Gallagher material in just ìseven days.î The pair had reportedly been working on a number of songs penned by the Oasis singer over recent months and have just laid down the tracks. Marr said that the duo have completed nine or ten ìincredibleî songs in just a week's time. As you may have guessed, this little side project has affected the strong family bond that once existed between the brothers Gallagher. In fact, Liamís brother Noel has ripped into the singer for failing to work on Oasisí new project, of which the first single was scheduled for release this month and had to be pulled. Noel claims to have had the entire album completed three months ago, sans vocals, and that since heís handed over to Liam, nothing has been accomplished. In a quote reminiscent of the Oasis we all know and love Noel said, ìAll the backing tracks are done and it's a fantastic album of instrumentals. Hand it over to the singer and it just slows down and becomes this one really long, drawn-out, painful process. So to be honest with you I don't know when it'll come out now. It's down to him. Something will be out next year, but someone's gonna have to give him a fucking kick up the arse, man. It's just laziness, that's all it is, and maybe a lack of confidence." Wow, thatís some constructive criticism for ya.

It seems that Liam is not really lazy, he has been working on vocals, just not for Oasis, and according to Johnny Marr, the new stuff is quite good.

The Smiths legend said:

"It was just Liam getting a chance to record nine or ten of his massive back catalogue of songs. When Oasis came off the last tour, he'd really honed them; just him and his guitar."

"I'd heard the songs so much through hanging around houses and dressing rooms that I could almost walk down the road and hear the entire record in my mind; everything down to the guitar overdubs. Liam just wanted to get the songs down but it ended up sounding like an entire record. To all intents and purposes, we made an album in seven days."

"Some of the material is incredible; he's starting to get his own identifiable thread in his songs. It's very dark and very deep; not throwaway in the slightest. Nor is it party-time rock'n'roll. It sorta goes through the White Album and comes out the other end... like the Whiter Album."


Liam Records A New Solo Album ñ Oasis May Be Just An Illusion