Bye-Bye Borland; Bizkit Sets Wes Free

Nu-metal superheroes Limp Bizkit's numbers have been reduced by one, as guitarist
and all-around guy-who-didn't-really-fit-in Wes Borland has left the band. The
news was leaked via the Bizkit website, stating that "both Limp Bizkit and
Borland will continue to pursue their respective musical careers. Both wish each
other the best of luck in all future endeavors." Borland, who earlier this year released
an album under his Big Dumb Face moniker, has not stated his intentions for the
near future, while his old band plans to release the Limp Remizkit CD and DVD
remix collections, featuring remixes of Bizkit favorites including, one by
Borland himself. Other tracks are retooled by the band's own Fred Durst
and DJ Lethal, as well as The Neptunes, P. Diddy, William
Orbit and many others.


Bye-Bye Borland; Bizkit Sets Wes Free