Live - Strokes Do The Butterfly in San Francisco

The air was still in the City By The Bay as the buzz band of the year, The Strokes,
were due to hit the stage this evening. The show was being co-promoted by yours truly's
own premier indie nightclub, popscene, which was a good start. That all went to crap in a
hurry as the mixer the venue provided no esta worky, and my partner in crime, Aaron
Axelsen, was left to lug his rekkids back to the car, as these decks were not going to be
ours this night. No matter, as we shifted our attention to New York City's own opening act,
Moldy Peaches. Jesus Christ. Quit it already. This was amongst the worst shit I
have ever seen in my life. They should have renamed themselves Atonal Indie Nonsense
In Outfits. One girl, four boys, 2 dresses, a Spiderman outfit and some fake Robin
Hood action. Sound amusing? It wasn't in the least. These bands need to understand that
Moldy Peaches didn't. Away with you already...

The-hottest-band-in-the-world (according to the NME at least) took the stage to
heightened applause. Frontman Julian Casablancas was resplendent in his jacked up
all-denim outfit, but his voice was up to par. Even though his between song banter led us to
believe he was hopped up big-time, his singing was album-perfect. The band gunned
through much of debut album Is This It, conspicuously including "New York City
Cops", which had been deleted from the domestic copy of the album, due to the horrors of
9/11. The band played a tight 45 minute set, and although they didn't necessarily sound like
the Second Coming, their decision behind the choice of openers became readily apparent.
Playing after Moldy Peaches, ANYONE sounded like gold...

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Strokes Do The Butterfly in San Francisco