Hope Sandoval Fades Back Into View

Early '90s indie pin-up idol and chanteuse extraordinaire, Hope Sandoval, is due to
release her debut solo album next week, after a 5-year hiatus. Sandoval, who is, of
course, best known for being the voice and face behind ethereal dream-poppers Mazzy
Star, will unleash the 11-track Bavarian Fruit Bread on October 23. We can only
hope that this debut will be as wondrous as the whispery melancholy that she gave us in the
beginning of the last decade, with love tape standards such as "Halah", "Blue Flower" and the perpetual favorite,
"Fade Into You". The only question begged is "what the hell, exactly, is bavarian fruit

That fruity track listing in full:



"Butterfly Mornings"

"On The Low"

"Baby Let Me"

"Feeling Of Gaze"


"Clear Day"

"Bavarian Fruit Bread"

"Around My Smile"

"Lose Me On The Way "

Source: Chart Attack

Hope Sandoval Fades Back Into View