Fierce Panda is a damn good label. Started by ex-NME scribe Simon
Williams, the label normally presses up 1000 copies of a single and they're done. So, if
the art wasn't cleared or there's a bad sample, oh well, it's not being pressed anymore! Such
UK luminaries as Ash, Bluetones. Embrace, Kenickie,
Three Colours Red and more have gotten their start from this illustrious label. The
most recent offering is from up and comers Phonotype, who bring the rock in a
quintessentially English way. They sound like a mix of britpop wonders Longpigs
and early '90s indie mavens The Frank and Walters. I know, you're saying "who?"
Just get over it. Check 'em out, then listen to the bands I referenced, and you'll say, "oh
yeah." Ingrates.

Fierce Panda