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Trick or Treat - Tenacious D Videos

The Tripwire is totally into the hilariously sexy sounds of the "World's Greatest Band", Tenacious D...we're not going to lie. We were honored to let The D take over the latest Cornerstone Player 0.27, and we will continue to spread the word to the masses, so that The D can rock you and your friend's asses. "Wonderboy" is constantly being played in the Chicago office, as Robert English reenacts the song while jumping from desk to desk disguised in mask and cape. In case you haven't witnessed the phenomenal videos from Jack and Kyle, we wanted to give you an early Halloween treat. "Fuck Her Gently" was created by the Spumco dudes who brought us cheer back in the day with Ren and Stimpy. "Wonderboy" was directed by the one and only Spike Jonze. Enjoy the RAWK~!

Source: Tenacious D

Trick or Treat - Tenacious D Videos