James Singer Done At Tour's End

Manchester's forgotten sons, James, dropped the shocking news that frontman
Tim Booth will be leaving the band after their UK tour wraps up in December (yes,
they ARE still together; pay closer attention next time). Booth, whose band released
a decent album this year, entitled Pleased To Meet You, plans to do a number of things
once he leaves the band that he is so closely associated with. He stated that, "I am midway
through a screen play - which may just be for an audience of one. I am
looking forward to teaching creativity workshops, to act and create some new music." I
don't know about you, but to me, that sounds PRETTY DAMN LAME. Just stick with the
band, Tim. The world may not be quite ready for your "creativity workshops" or any
of your other psycho-babble. Jesus. Don't know what he's on, but kick some down this way
when you get a chance, please.

Source: NME.com

James Singer Done At Tour's End