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Tenacious D Tour Diary - 10/25/01

Home games are harder than away games...don't let anyone tell you different.
What is it about an LA crowd that makes you well...not want to ROCK? But
MOTHER FUCKIN' ROCK they did in spite of the celebrity kryptonite that
plagued the guest list last night at The Wiltern. With Doogie Howser wearing
his pristine D swag (Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing) in the pit I
think that The D deserve a GRAMMY for even staying on the stage after the
third song! But there was enough positive energy in the room to keep Jables
and Rage Kage in the room for a good two hours. A fucking bargain at $23.50
as JB himself noted.

After a month on the road (their first real consistent touring ever) while
no ticker tape parade was a triumphant return. Jack's world-weary voice
shook the ancient timbers of The Wiltern as Paul Rubens, the cast of Fox's
"Undeclared", and Weird Fuckin' Al all took notes. The show is longer and
tighter as a month of touring has improved their chops and turned the
Tenacious D machine into a juggernaut. Plans of franchising will have to be
put on hold as Weezer battles to keep their top billing on the upcoming
American tour. Long Live The D.

Source: Jack Black and Kyle Gass

Tenacious D Tour Diary - 10/25/01