Let's Kill Music

Every couple of years, the international music scene goes crap, usually in different locations
at different times. Then, as the cycle warrants, certain countries' scenes awaken from their
slumber and bands of merit begin to poke their head through the soil of public
consciousness. The UK is undergoing a current revival of guitar acts and one of the bright
young hopes goes by the rather lengthy name of The Cooper Temple Clause.
TCTC, as they will be henceforth known, as I am lazy, are 6 young lads from the
South Coast of England, making a ruckus on their guitars and throwing in some beats and
samples to round it all out. A sort of modern day Ned's Atomic Dustbin meets the
techno-guitar pop of Jesus Jones, TCTC's driving guitars and catchy
rhythms put them in contention for glory, should their ascension continue along its current
path. 2001, 1991, it's all the same thing. Sorta.

The Cooper Temple Clause
Morning Records

Let's Kill Music