Holmes Provides The Swankitude For Ocean's Eleven

Northern Ireland's closest thing to DJ Shadow, David Holmes has wrapped
up his work on the soundtrack to the upcoming remake of Ocean's Eleven.
Holmes, who rocks soundtracks in an Ennio Morricone style, must love
working on films starring George Clooney, as Clooney was in the last movie
Holmes provided the soundtrack for, Out Of Sight, which also featured the
breakout movie role for J-Booty herself. For Ocean's Eleven,
Holmes recorded 34 pieces of new music, including tracks featuring musicians who
worked with both Sly Stone and Pharaoh Sanders, but decided to pare it
down and also use some of his previous work, including the jam "69 Police" from his 2000
beat journey extraordinaire, Bow Down To The Exit Sign. Also in the movie are tracks
from Elvis Presley, Perry Como and Quincy Jones. Keeping it real,
evidently...Too bad they didn't get Emmanuel Lewis to reprise the Sammy Davis,
Jr. role. Then it would have been PERFECT.

Source: NME.com

Holmes Provides The Swankitude For Ocean's Eleven