Live: The Strokes "Last Nite"; Rock N Roll Was All That Mattered

Do you remember being at that AC/DC concert and saying to yourself ñ I love this ñ this is rock n roll being delivered at itís finest. Or even better - remember those Ramones shows? Johnny Ramone on stage playing those thunderous chords at a pace that we had never seen or heard before. 4 guys up there in leather jackets delivering 30 songs in under 50 minutes and then got off the stage. They came, they delivered and they left. No spectacle ñ just rock and you were blown away. There is a new band to enter this equation, The Strokes.

These cats were wonderful last night playing to a worshipping hometown crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Sure there is hype about them because these New Yorkers blew up in England, and hype doesnít always help ñ but anyone that has heard their debut album knows that these cats are for real and there songs are unbelievable. With that being said, you want to go to their gig and you want to hear these incredible songs ñ and that is fucken it. Donít give me smoke and mirrors, donít give me video screens , donít give me Bon Jovi. These 5 cats got on stage and went right into the opening notes of "Is This It" and it was genius for the rest of the ride. The energy of these songs live was so proper. They delivered in your face and as tight as any band that I have ever seen. I was blown away by how thorough these cats were and again, couldnít help but think of the Ramones.

They played everything ñ the entire record including "New York City Cops", which was a tune that was removed from their US release after the 9/11 tragedy. Julian Casablancas on lead vocals was so on and powerful , he didnít miss a beat. Even when he was falling down all over the stage ñ he still managed to slam down the vocals on "Barely Legal", "Hard to Explain", "Last Nite" and "Soma."

The Strokes are getting MTV play, radio play and a lot of press. I only hope that people stop and take a good look at this act ñ because there has not been a band like this in 20 years. Thatís right- I said that! I hope the younger generation stops and really understands that THIS is rock n roll , not the dog shit that has been on the radio the past 10 years. These cats came on stage last night and kicked our fucking ass ñ then unplugged and walked off. They meant business and delivered it with every note.

Look for The Strokes to be back on the road after some time off.
Thank you guys for making me excited to go out and HEAR my favorite rock n roll band.

The Strokes

Philadelphia - Theatre of Living Arts (November 14)

Pittsburgh - Nick's Fat City (15)

Cleveland - Agora Ballroom (16)

Detroit - St. Andrews Hall (17)

Indianapolis - Birdy's (18)

Lawrence - Granada (20)

St. Louis - Mississippi Nights (21)

Nashville - 328 Performance Hall (23)

Birmingham - Five Points Music Hall (24)

Columbia - Elbow Room (25)

Carrbara - Cat's Cradle (27)

Norfolk - NorVa (28)

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Live: The Strokes "Last Nite"; Rock N Roll Was All That Mattered