Tenacious D Tour Diary - 11/2 San Francisco

Jack is an animal...after 18 hrs of Orange County re-shoots that wrapped at
6:30 a.m., he meets us at the Burbank offices of KROQ. Kyle's limo has for some
reason (explained only by the ineptitude of the tour manager) abandoned him
at home. Kyle is forced to drive himself to the Kevin and Bean interview, a
humiliation for which someone no doubt will be forced to pay. They are both,
needless to say, in fucking horrible moods. Why do musicians become
musicians if not to sleep past noon with total impunity? Thankfully, the
morning frost burns off in time The D to break off a chunk of "Wonder Boy",
live in the studio no less. After a grueling drive-time session we encounter
the shockingly sweet Charlize Theron in the hall. She is, of course, a sight
to behold at these wee hours and with our spirits lifted we are whisked to
Burbank airport for more interrogation.

Stepping off the plane in San Jose, (not an hour later!) we find ourselves
at THE CHANNEL. A pleasant interview ensues but this has to be the most
pretentious name for a radio station ever dreamed up...That evening we
all dine at Warren Fitzgerald's (of The Vandals) favorite Hunan restaurant,
aptly named Hunan Restaurant (@ 924 Sansome St.). The food is fucking
hot...and very cheap. Jack and Kyle decide to pick up the check...

The next morning we awake to the giggles and grumblings of post-partying
regret...I'm afraid we've blown our wad on the eve and left nothing for
Halloween's revelry. We take naps...

OK...a Live-105 stop is mandatory and we are even able to convince thirty
kids or so to come by the radio station to meet the band. Everyone don's a
costume of some sort. There is a eleven-year-old-girl (we believe) in a
Slipknot outfit that is the most horrible thing we've ever seen...She's not
the least bit affectionate or amused but wants a photo with the band
none-the-less. We know this because she gesticulates with a disposable
camera she brings with her, but she does not speak a single word the whole
time. We leave the station visible shaken an unsure if the band will be able
to perform...

Luckily we are Tenacious D, in San Francisco, on Halloween, playing a
sold-out show, at the Warfield Theater...The planets have clearly aligned
on this special night and the fucking show is huge...The evening is
magical...For the fist time that any of us can remember the pyrotechnics go
off without a hitch...Clear Channel generously picks up the tab for after
show burritos from Can-Cun Taqueria...and the girl with the Slipknot costume
from earlier in the day manages to get up on some guy's shoulders during
"Double Team" and show us her tits...it turns out she's a dude.

After the show we dispense w/ the back stage trick or teeters and meet and
greeters and go straight back to the hotel. Lights out at 1 and asleep by 2,
we need to get back to LA in time to catch Jack (and a little of Kyle) at
the Shallow Hal premier. Cross your fingers...

Source: The World's Greatest Band Ever

Tenacious D Tour Diary - 11/2 San Francisco