Tick's Corner; Behind The Beasties Benefit

To all the peoples;
I wanted to take this moment and tell about how I witnessed something both
very moving and incredible. I was in New York City last week for both
Benefit Shows at the Hammerstein Ballroom. It was a true mission and it was
for a great cause. For all the people that lost their lives and those who
gave their lives it was a beautiful thing to see these musicians who got
involved give something so powerful back to their community.

The Speakers
all had amazing things to say and the audience knew it was not just a show it
was a true benefit show in every sense of the word. In a time of
uncertainty the one thing we know for certain is that people who believe in
giving off a positive message receive positive results.

Media, Drama,
Osama or the past 2 months all the craziness can be a bit overwhelming yet
for two nights the Artists, speakers, and everyone involved with the event,
gave the City Of New York plus music fans the world over something truly
special to think about. Unity through music at a time when a nation is torn
between love and hate. I am also so touched by the way the organizations
involved are helping to assist those affected by the September 11th attack
that would not receive help from other major fundraising sources.
For those who already heard I personally have to say it the shows were

The Beastie Boys played full Hip-Hop sets both nights. The band
rocked songs like "Stand Together" and "Unite" which truly were fitting at
this time. Mixmaster Mike even came with some of the hottest beats around
dropping instrumentals by Missy Elliot and Bubba Sparxxx mixed in with the
set. Non stop hype hip-hop that left people bobbing their heads so hard I
was surprised no one left with neck braces.

Every artist on the bill from
The Strokes, to the B52's, to Mos Def came with it!! One of the most amazing
things I saw was the set by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Just for the record
Sunday, October 28: had the Beastie Boys, the B-52's (they did not bump "Love
Shack" but hype nonetheless), Cibo Matto, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Rival
Schools, the Strokes, Saul Williams, and DJ Stretch Armstrong. Monday,
October 29: Beastie Boys, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mos Def, Rahat Fateh
Ali Khan, the Roots, and DJ Afrika Bambaata.
On the DJ front I have to give it up to Bambaataa he kept the crowd hype.
Stretch was cool but he played some wild shit from Manfred Man to some Diana
All in all two tremendous nights with a very powerful message that was
received and I hope to see spread.


Source: Tick (GRTICK@aol.com)

Tick's Corner; Behind The Beasties Benefit