Live - Beta Band Get Groovy at the Fillmore

The Fillmore was packed to the rafters with funny looking headz last night for the Beta
Band's initial tour appearance in the Bay Area since their opening slot for
Radiohead over the summer. I SWEAR there were more people in da house than at
The Strokes show in mid-October. That's how much the SF kids like their Scottish
rhythmic indie rock. And rock these Scots did. Sounding like an amalgamation of bits and
pieces from a number of past UK scenes (shoegazing, baggy, psychedelia), the quartet from
Edinburgh played an exceptional enticing show, by far the best show I'd seen from them.
They were as druggy and groovy as always, almost an indie Phish or some crap, but
much better. The samples, fat beats and live instrumentation all came together and the crowd
ate it up. The two highlights were most definitely "Dry The Rain" and "Squares". I was
hoping for some love and a rendition of "Won", but no love for me. The band filmed the
occasion for future release, I'd suppose, so you may all get to enjoy the experience that was
Beta Band 2001, even if you stayed at home to avoid all the mangled looking freaks.

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Beta Band Get Groovy at the Fillmore