Mikey Welsh Found; Claims He Is Prime Minister Of Planet Kreeekorkion?

Mikey Welsh, the bassist for Weezer who went coocoo for cocoa puffs earlier this year and spent time in a mental institution, has been found. Welsh, who has been M.I.A. from Weezer since August 15, apparently has been in Massachusetts laying down tracks for the former Mighty Mighty Bosstones guitarist Nate Albert and his new project, the Brakes. According to the Boston Phoenix, a motley crew including Albert, Welsh, additional bassist Johnny Rioux, and Bosstones drummer “Little” Joe Sirois have been banging out some new sounds in Boston’s Wooly Mammoth Studios. No word on how the Weezer boys feel about this situation as they have bigger fish to fry. Weezer will kick off their tour with Tenacious D and Jimmy Eat World November 13 in Portland.

Source: AllStar

POSTED November 6, 2001 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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