Pete Yorn, Remy Zero and JJ72 Prove That 3 Is Company, Indeed

Another night, another Fillmore show. Except this time, it was one that was long awaited.
Pete Yorn was hitting the room and dragging along Birmingham's finest, Remy
Zero, and the pride of Dublin, Ireland, JJ72. The Irish teenagers were on first
and played a blistering 25 minute set, incorporating all the bits that make them so alluring
(Nirvana's quiet/loud dynamic, a touch of Muse and a dash of teenage angst
to boot). If these kids come to town DO NOT MISS THEM.

The Zero brought down the house next, playing an almost identical set to their opening set two weeks ago for Travis, but frontman Cinjun Tate was in much better spirits
this time around, taking photos of the crowd and asking for crowd shout outs, etc. Much
more energy from the band makes for a much more dynamic show. Trust me.

Pete Yorn brings the girls to shows. Boy does he. The first 5 or so rows were filled
with jaunty little ladies doing their best to seduce the New Jersey Romeo. He was not to be
seduced, but he returned the favor in spades. Yorn rocked through much of his
debut album, sprinkling in covers from The Smiths and David Bowie.
Strangely enough, at the bar afterwards, he selected jukebox songs from those two bands, as
well as New Order. Imagine that...

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Pete Yorn, Remy Zero and JJ72 Prove That 3 Is Company, Indeed