Tenacious D Tour Diary - Shallow Hal Movie Premier

L.A. - November 1st.
$20 dollars for parking is a relative bargain when considering all the free
popcorn and diet coke on hand at the Shallow Hal premiere. Not be outdone by
the Hollywood competition, The D entourage came decked out in full regalia.
Jables (in a suit no less), Lee with a very tall "friend", Baby Sass, some
recognizable backstage betties from the road...but where is KG? The answer
of course was LATE as usual...and relegated to the "overflow" theater....How
was KG not recognized as half the power duo that is Tenacious D but also a
substantial role as Jack's (or Hal's) (un)-ambiguously gay office buddy in
the movie. Of course, another example of art imitating life...
Though not the Tenacious D reunion-movie that you doubting-toms have all
been waiting for, you should all know this flick was good...very good. This
is your chance to see Jack forced to reveal his sweet inner preppie...which
he imparts somewhat too convincingly...leading us to ask, "who is the real
Jack Black?" Is he the dark and manic teddy bear we all have come to know
and love? Or is there a bright and sunny side to him that he is afraid to
reveal?...is Jack giving up the teachings of Satan for a life in the
suburbs? It's too scary even to imagine...
After battling the paparazzi, we hightailed over to the post-party
festivities (Farrelley-style) at 14 Below for pool and free Beer. A little
taste of Naked Trucker and Tenacious D on stage. They kick out "Fuck Her
Gently" for the grips, wardrobe ladies and Gweneth P. with Jables in his
full Prada ensemble! Oh Hollywood Jack! Kyle cleans up good w/ a pair of
sweat pants and a "fatburger" T. Too tired, it's time for me to bail...I
see Kyle slip out the back for that so-LA of vices, the quick illicit smoke.
It feels good to be home (if you can call this feeling home). A good night,
i'm afraid, was had by all...

Source: The World's Greatest Band Ever

Tenacious D Tour Diary - Shallow Hal Movie Premier