Live: The International Noise Conspiracy Overthrow Chicago's Metro

With what seemed like a flash of speeding light, I was rushed to Cedarís Sinai hospital on the North Side of Chicago at 10:04 p.m. central time, November 8, 2001. I kept pleading with the EMTs, who made me stand the entire ambulance ride, that something was not kosher with my backside. I had the intense feeling that something extremely vital to my body was missing. I remember being wheeled into the emergency room where Doctor Robert Ladewig greeted me with a flashlight to the eyes. ìAre you ok?î he frantically cried. ìNoî, I shouted, ìMy ass has been blown off, itís laying on the floor of the Metro.î The doctor peered in close and whispered into my ear, ìdid you just come from The International Noise Conspiracy concert?î With a devilish, shit eating grin I told the doctor, ìYou bet my ass I did.î

The International Noise Conspiracy ignited their United States tour (with The Hives and Milemarker) last night to a sold out Metro crowd. Dressed in tight black jeans, black Chuck Taylor All-Stars, and black zippered jackets, the 5 punk rock politicos from Sweden shredded the stage for close to an hour, with one encore promoting their latest release, A New Morning, Changing Weather.

The sparkplug set kicked off with "A Northwest Passage", the lead in track from the new record. Singer Dennis LyxzÈn, formerly of Refused, writhed on stage and jingled his goods like a spastic hybrid of James Brown and Iggy Pop. ìBreakout 2001î was next, followed by Survival Sicknessí monster single, ìSmash It Upî.

The irony of the bandís tour and promotion of the new record to sell more units shined visibly clear, as the band jammed the speakers with ìUp For Saleî, a direct reflection of the record labelís stronghold on bands.

LyxzÈn slowed things down for a second to comment on the 9-11 tragedy. He mentioned that people in Europe were telling him not to say anything about what happened while the band played over here. LyxzÈn, in true rebellious fashion, declared that that mentality and absurd instruction was a sign of weak censorship, as he commented on how fucked up it is for the government to order bands to change their album art, song titles and lyrics, as well as other forms of censorship. ìThe time to be heard is nowî, he continued. ìWe need to express new ideas, new thoughts. We donít need to agree with the lies that George Bush is telling usî, the vocalist announced, before the quintet ripped into their single, ìCapitalism Stole My Virginityî.

Dressed like the Ramones, jiggling junk like Parliament Funkadelic, The International Noise Conspiracy are one of rock and rollís fiercest bandís on the planet. They come with a fresh political agenda, strapped with new visions and groundwork to help the people of Earth rise above the rubbish. Please experience this live un-choreographed chaos when the show detonates at a venue near you.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy on tour with The Hives and Milemarker

11/09/2001 Detroit, MI SHELTER

11/10/2001 Cleveland, OH BEACHLAND BALLROOM

11/15/2001 Cambridge, MA MIDDLE EAST CLUB

11/16/2001 Hoboken, NJ MAXWELLS

11/17/2001 New York, NY KNITTING FACTORY

11/18/2001 Philadelphia, PA NORTH STAR

11/19/2001 Washington, DC BLACK CAT

11/20/2001 Carrboro, NC CATS CRADLE

11/21/2001 Atlanta, GA ECHO LOUNGE

11/22/2001 Ybor City, FL THE ORPHEUM

11/23/2001 Orlando, FL SAPPHIRE CLUB

11/24/2001 New Orleans, LA SHIM SHAM CLUB

11/25/2001 Houston, TX MARY JANES

11/26/2001 Austin, TX EMOS (AUSTIN)

11/28/2001 Albuquerque, NM LAUNCH PAD

11/29/2001 Tempe, AZ NITAS HIDEAWAY

11/30/2001 San Diego, CA EPICENTER

12/01/2001 W. Hollywood, CA THE ROXY

12/02/2001 Pomona, CA GLASS HOUSE

12/04/2001 San Francisco, CA GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL

12/05/2001 Chico, CA BRICK WORKS

12/06/2001 Portland, OR MEOW MEOW

12/07/2001 Seattle, WA GRACELAND

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: The International Noise Conspiracy Overthrow Chicago's Metro