Fans Of WPBZ / The Buzz Still Miss Meathead

For three years I co-hosted and produced the WPBZ morning show in West Palm Beach Florida from July 1995 to August 1998. Amy Doyle was P.D. at the time, and M.D. Robert English was causing havoc with his shaved head. I was only 18 years old when I was branded the nickname Meathead and quickly became one of the stars of the station. I left three years later, following Amy then Robert, as I felt the need to branch out of my native Florida and begin my life. I moved to NYC to work as a production assistant for Late Night with Conan O'Brien and began to perform improv which I continue to spend my life doing now in Chicago. When I left WPBZ under the reign of lunatic John O'Connell (who continues to drive the station into the shitter), many of the young kids who listened to me stopped listening to the station. My mom, who everyone knew from our on-air bits, would talk to these teens at the mall or supermarket, and I never really believed that my departure made an impact on the station and it's downward spiral. Last night I recieved an e mail via my improv group's web site Mr. Fancypants (which will come up on Google if you enter a search for my name) from a former Buzz listener. This really excited me and sparked my interest, as it has been over three years since I have left the station which is currently known throughout the industry as "what station in West Palm?" I just wanted to share how cool being on the air is, and no matter how old or how far people get, they always remember people who made them laugh. That is my one mission in life and I am glad that it was completed with this girl who searched the internet for me after all these years, without ever meeting me. Inside this post is the letter, and I hope you enjoy it.

Hey! I found you!
I used to listen to the morning buzz in high school and, like everyone, I
was really sad when you left. It was so cool to find all those pictures of
you! You look happy and not like a starving artist at all. :)
So, anyways, the Buzz pretty much started sucking after you left. Some
friends and I were actually wondering the other day if it was a coincidence
or not, but it's probably more to do with the over-commercialization,
isn't-it-cute-how-shocking-we-are, let's-play-only-the-top-ten crap that
took over. *sigh* I haven't really listened to it in a long time. It's
sad, because the Buzz was such a part of my teenage years, and I know it's
not just that I've gotten older, but because the Buzz kind of sucks now. :(
But anyways. Thanks for entertaining me for a few years--hope the good
people of Chicago appreciate you!

Amanda Coppedge (

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Fans Of WPBZ / The Buzz Still Miss Meathead