Live: Tenacious D Tour Diary - Nov.13 - Nov. 14 Portland and Seattle

We have returned to our battle stations, our guard posts at the frontlines
of Rock n' Roll after two weeks of well deserved rest and relaxation. (Funny
how R n'R and R and R go hand-in-hand ((but I digress))). For the next month
Tenacious D takes point for the fall and winter tour patrol with our band of
brothers Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. Waking up at the fucking crack of dawn
making the early morning rounds with the likes of KNRK and KNDD...doing
everything we can to sell tickets for our good friends of Weezer. Starting
with Oregon and finishing in Maine this Coast-to-Coast adventure is
book-ended by two Portlands. What comes between is the usual unsung
secondary market fare that is always so much more rewarding play then those
stuck up Metropoli. Anyway this behemoth of tour got underway last night and
all I can say is that it promises to be a well played match between trained
and dangerous adversaries...

I wish I could report that there was a lot of backstage love between bands
and crews but the pre-tour territorial pissings were still being sorted at
load out. All Hail the King of Whatever the Fuck and Whoever the Fuck Cares!
The touring life is really for those of us that have no life at all (and
like it that way!) As the rest of the world tries to make sense of the human
condition and how to make the world a better place, we on tour care only
about where which bay whose tour bus is parked in and which band's guests
get to stand where. Anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing the
Politics of Backstage knows the banality in which we road dogs live our
pathetic lives...what was I talking about?

Oh yeah...Did I mentioned The D came out and positively blew the PA from
it's precariously hung truss? Did I fail to impart how Jack and Kyle were
able to accomplish more in 45 minutes on stage than...well...anybody having
done anything ever?!!! I have to say folks, WE DID IT! WE ROCKED! Tenacious
D has scrapped the old play book and after at least an afternoon of hard
core R&D created a totally new and mind-blowing performance the likes of
which has never been seen before...

In any case, the next day we woke up in Seattle and knocked out 3 solid
hours of phoners (the highlight being of course the High Times piece). These
guys are amazing! They ask all of the normal geeky fan-type questions that
you've heard a million times and then (because they are who they are)
finally get down to the only thing that really matters to them: "How has
smoking pot improved your life?" or something to that effect. Now look,
nobody here will deny that The D indulges every now and then and that we
draw inspiration from many sources, but must all good things come from the
wacky weed? mary jane? a puff from the left-handed cigarette?
Well...OK...maybe a little...Either way, it's is good to be back. Isn't it?

Source: World's Greatest Band Ever

Live: Tenacious D Tour Diary - Nov.13 - Nov. 14 Portland and Seattle